About us

Dent has a heritage of commitment to total quality assurance in everything it does for its customers.

We have total focus on yarn sensor design and manufacture. This has made us the world leader in a technology that is now indispensable to textile manufacture worldwide.

The patent for the world’s first contactless yarn sensor was granted to Company founder Geoffrey Dent in the 1960s.

Yarn sensors are integral to production processes. Dent’s technical team works closely with textile machinery manufacturers. This has resulted in a deep-rooted culture of innovation, improvement and partnership.

Our drive for total quality will never stop. Sensors are inspected and tested multiple times before shipping. This helps ensure that once fitted, a Dent sensor should perform faultlessly throughout a working life. In practice, this proves to be around ten years, depending on the operating conditions.

The legacy and the future

Dent’s range of sensors provided the company’s solid foundations. These ‘legacy’ sensors became the textile industry’s standardised products.

Today, the lion’s share of Dent’s R&D and manufacturing is producing custom sensors for OEM textile machinery manufactures.

The company continues to maintain high standards of design and manufacturing excellence.

Never shy to invest, the company holds a unique position at the fore of this technology. We continue to pursue improved advantages for our customers’ products. In turn, they can offer better efficiencies and benefits to their customers. Similarly, we continue to research emerging applications for our technologies and expertise, to the benefit of our customers.

Meet the team

Andrew Dent - Managing Director

Andrew Dent

Colin Hull - Development Director

Colin Hull
Managing Director

Graham Fox - Director

Graham Fox


Sonia Meadway - Production manager

Sonia Meadway
Production Manager

Sharon Gallacher - Assistant Production Manager

Sharon Gallacher
Assistant Production Manager

Research & Development

Mark Johnstone - R&D Manager

Mark Johnstone
R&D Manager

Kyle Wilson - Design Engineer

Kyle Wilson
Design Engineer

Lewys Jones - Design Engineer

Lewys Jones
Design Engineer

Rhys Parker - Mechanical Engineer

Rhys Parker
Mechanical Engineer

Chris Parkinson - Production Engineer

Chris Parkinson
Production Engineer

Kyle McDevitt - Production Engineer

Kyle McDevitt
Production Engineer


Matthew Hayes - Quality Manager

Matthew Hayes
Operations Manager

Heather Fletcher - Quality Administrator

Heather Fletcher
Quality Administrator

Nigel Curtis - Procurement

Nigel Curtis

Finance & Administration

Sarah Green - Financial Controller

Sarah Green
Financial Controller

Suzanne Hodson - Export Administration

Suzanne Hodson
Export Administration

Sam Wilkinson - Accounts Administrator

Sam Wilkinson
Accounts Administrator

Susan Cross - Administration

Susan Cross