Colin appointed BTMA Director

The BTMA’s CEO, Jason Kent, visited Dent Instrumentation and was very impressed by the company, its changes, improvements and developments and the Delivering The Vision concept. Jason saw how Dent is getting staff engagement, pushing the boundaries with technological innovations… and asked Colin to apply to join the BTMA’s [...]

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Mark driving Dent’s R&D

Mark brings a high level of expertise is in electronics, and has a wide range of experience in the use of electronics in problem solving in manufacture. Before joining Dent, he led innovation projects in sectors including performance cars, remote monitoring and telemetry, security alarms, smart meters and computer [...]

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Geoffrey Dent

It is with great sadness that we announce Dent Instrumentation’s founder and Company Chairman Geoffrey Dent passed away on May 23rd 2019. Although Geoffrey had not been in the best of health recently, he continued to contribute to the business whilst sharing his 50+ years’ experience in sensor design [...]

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New Creel Bar Sensor

Dent has recently introduced the Narrow-pitch Creel Bar Sensor.It’s the finest pitch, proven performance creel bar available anywhere in the world.It has multiple sensor positions with a pitch reduced to just 4mm between sensors, and no crosstalk between adjacent sensors. Other than extending this ingenious design, this is the [...]

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Pendleside Hospice Donation

Dent Instrumentation has recently made a donation to the Pendleside Hospice. “A HUGE thank you to Geoff, Gill and Andrew Dent and all at Dent Instrumentation Limited for their very generous donation of £6,000. This special gift came in response to reading our 30th Anniversary newsletter,” said Leah [...]

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Sue Whittingham – Retirement

After 32 years of service Sue Whittingham has decided to retire.By 1986, Dent Instrumentation was growing and Gill Dent required assistance with the administration workload. Sue takes up the story, “I started working at Dent Instrumentation, then based in Junction Street, in May 1986 for 12 hours per week.”“We [...]

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