Rapid response
research and development

Dent’s in-house R&D department helps maintain our reputation for innovation. The quality and reliability of our sensors, our rapid response R&D capability helps make Dent outstanding.

We have a process of continuous improvement. We seek every opportunity for a better way of doing something.

Much of our R&D work is in partnership with the major textile machinery designers. Our R&D department excels at having fully-tested innovative solutions, ready before a need for them is even widely known.

Rapid response research and development

Research and Development

Dent’s capability to provide made-to-measure sensor designs is the big benefit to textile machinery producers. The optimum is medium to high volume (for guidance, around 4000 or more units, or lower quantities for creel bar sensors). Send us the specification and we can develop a fully working prototype for you.

We turn designs round quickly and streamline the design and build process for you.



Dent is responsive and flexible. Electronic design for analogue or digital electronics, continuous or pulsed outputs, through to PCB layout; we use our knowledge and expertise to solve the problem faster.

3D print housing

3D print housing

From 3D CAD design through to our internal test facilities, we ensure the best standards are achieved.

Pick & place process

Working prototype

All in-house capability and expertise for fast turnaround of prototyping and production development.

Manufacturing processes

With Surface Mount Technology along side skilled assembly and manufacturing in-house. Dent’s customers get what they need, when they need it.

Our R&D experts are full of good advice, contact enquiries@dentsensors.com if Dent’s advanced yarn sensor technology can bring benefit to your enterprise.

2 Year Guarentee

All sensors are backed by a no-quibble two-year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

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