Custom sensors

Dent’s strength, quality and experience in yarn detection.

We specialise in sensors for winding and spinning applications. We supply most of the leading OEMs and each sensor development is bespoke to a specific machine.

In some production environments, a standard electronic yarn sensor may be unsuitable. Usually, this is because of space or other constraints. When there is a need for large quantities, there is a simple and cost-effective solution – this is to ask Dent to design a custom sensor for the specific applications.

All parameters are fixed and built-in, such as start-up and reaction times.

Dent’s in-house R&D team problem-solve for OEMs. We produce bespoke designs for swift process integration.

We have the experience to provide yarn sensors for all yarn types. Synthetic and natural yarns and blends, including:

– Cotton – Wool – Linen –
– Polyester – Nylon – Acrylic –
– High performance and technical yarns –

How quickly?

Dent is fast and flexible, and we design many custom sensors. After we receive and have discussed your design specification, we get a fully working prototype for you to evaluate. Ultra-rapid prototyping minimises delay and development costs, and improves your product-to-market efficiency.

The specification includes:

  • Design
  • Control electronics
  • Mechanical interfacing with custom sensor housing design
  • Specifying the appropriate infrared detectors

All this is paramount in getting detection correct.
Manufacture of your custom sensors can start immediately after prototype approval.

Proven quality and reliability

Even when designed to fit specific applications, there is nothing ‘experimental’ about Dent’s custom sensors.
All our sensors use the latest, fully proven Dent technology. Exceptional quality and reliability are guaranteed.

A better understanding

Dent gets a better, exact and thorough understanding of what manufacturing requires. For winding applications, yarn break sensors save on processing time. Our sensors continue to innovate yarn break detection, helping to improve machine efficiency.

Dent’s custom sensor designs are unique and exclusive to our customers. Their absolute trust in Dent and confidentiality is critical to our business relationships with OEMs. Dent is often involved in the early discussions; we bring innovations and developments to help drive machine manufacturer’s competitive advantage.

2 Year Guarentee

Every custom sensor is supported by a two-year warranty for your complete peace of mind.